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When has the time for a vacationis better visiting Denmark. There are many interesting tourist attractions tovisit. Starting from the area to play for children to adults. Check out some oftourist attractions that attract all tourists coming to this beautiful country.Denmark is often praised as being the one of the greenest countries in theworld, but apart from the ubiquitous bikes, the individual Danes aresurprisingly nonchalant about the environment despite their reputation, andactually contribute as many greenhouse emissions as most other nationalities

1. Legoland

Legoland is a city of toysare made from small pieces of plastic are becoming more sophisticated everyday. Lego games were born here and in recognition of a miniature city built inhonor of its creator. Legoland is located approximately 3 km away from BillundAirport (Billund Lufthavn). The park obviously has the toy LEGO as the theme.Originally the park started out as an exhibition of houses and landmarks fromaround the world built out of LEGO bricks. in Legoland consists of countlessLego blocks built with creativity and craftsmanship alike. You'll walk pastentire countries built in small scale, entirely out of lego pieces! You'reallowed to bring your own food into the park but there are countless (slightlypricy) food stands and cafes.

2. Ribe Ribe,da

Ribe is Denmark's oldestcity. Ribe is a trading place since 700 BC and it seems almost like it then donot touch it because of the modern age but preserved as a museum. You canexperience Ribe's development over the years at the Ribe Vikings museum. AtRibe Viking Centre, you can walk around a reconstructed life-size Vikingestate, populated with Vikings who you can see, work with and talk to. The townhas many well-preserved old buildings, Ribe Cathedral, and about 110 houses areunder Heritage Protection. Denmark's oldest town hall is found on the town'sVon Støckens Plads. The building was erected in 1496, and was purchased by thecity for use as a town hall in 1709.

3. Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle in Helsingoris the place where Shakespeare was born. Helsingør is not very far fromCopenhagen, and can be found at the northernmost tip of the Danish island ofZealand. Kronborg Castle was used as inspiration for "Elsinore" inShakespeare's Hamlet. The castle is located on the extreme northeastern tip ofthe island of Zealand at the narrowest point of the Øresund, the sound betweenDenmark and Sweden. Kronborg is a Renaissance castle and military fortress,renovated between 1574 and 1585 on the remains of the Krogen fortress of 1420.Reconstructed after a major fire in 1629, where only the chapel survived.

4. Little Mermaid Statue

Little Mermaid is Copenhagenpride. Little Mermaid is a statue of a mermaid mascot. Four-foot-tall statuewas sculpted by artist Edvard Eriksen inspired by Hans Christian Andersen fairytale of the same title. The statue was inaugurated in 1913 and became one ofthe attractions of the most visited tourist is in Langline, Copenhagen harbor.

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital ofDenmark and is the largest city in Denmark. Many interesting touristattractions in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is an important city in the Scandinavianregion after the reign of King Christian IV in the 17th century. Last year'smetropolitan city full of ancient buildings have been selected as the fourthcity of the future top 50 European cities after London, Paris, and Berlin. Thecity is is considered comfortable and friendly with environment. The water inthe canal city harbor was clean, so routinely used as a swimming race in thesummer. Most city residents are also not hesitating to use bicycles as a meansof transportation. Across town in Denmark has always reserved a special lanefor cycling, making it convenient and safe for riders of two-wheeledtransportation that.Click here and start to plan your holidays.

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